2019/20 Climbing Season Coach Registration ($10.00)

The ACA is implementing a new athlete and coach registration system. The new system has the following improvements:

  • Ability to track ACA waiver completion.

  • Track and report on registered athletes by climbing team which will assist in short and long-term planning.

  • Improved ability to generate athlete standings.

  • Support direct communication from ACA to athletes and coaches.

  • Improved ability for a family to register multiple children and use the same email address. Each child’s account will have a distinct username and password

In order to participate (enter isolation/file appeal) as a coach at any of the ACA sanctioned events you need to have an active ACA Coach Membership (includes completed waiver and paid annual membership). As this is a new system all coaches will need to complete a new profile. If you are both a coach and an athlete you do need to create two separate profiles within the system.

How to register:

There are three actions that you need to complete to have a ACA Coach Membership.

1.0 Go to member.albertaclimbing.org Click the “Register” button under the New User section of the page.

1.1 Enter the required information. Write down or save your username and password so that you have it for step 2 & 3.

1.2 Make sure that you click the “Register” button at the bottom of that page to submit your information.

1.3 You will receive an automatic email stating that your information has been received and will be reviewed within 24 hours.

1.4 Once an administrator has reviewed your information, you will receive a second email indicating that your account has been approved.

Once your account has been approved, log in and complete the final two steps.

2.0 - Click on “Waivers” icon to fill in the required information for the ACA waiver.

3.0 - Click on “Memberships” to purchase your 2019/20 ACA Coach Membership. The annual coach membership fee for 2019/20 is $10.00.

If you have any issues or questions with the new process please email memberserviceschair@albertaclimbing.org

The rules governing all ACA members can be found on the ACA Rules page. All members are required to comply with these rules to remain an active member.