New ACA Board members needed for the upcoming 2018/19 season

This Fall, the ACA will be looking to fill a number of Board positions including: 

o   President

o   Treasurer

o   Secretary

o   Two Athlete Reps

o   Performance Lead

o   Technical Lead

o   Member Service Lead 

The AGM will be happening in Saskatoon on October 28th (coinciding with a comp). 

Full job descriptions for these are still being developed but in the meantime, if you are interested or would like more information, please contact or

2018 ACA Summit

Don't miss the ACA SUMMIT

Date: Saturday, April 7
Time: 7pm-10pm
Location: Room 2-27 Van Vliet Centre; U of A

This is the ACA community's opportunity to engage in the open dialogue that was started a year ago including:

- An overview of developments at both the ACA and CEC levels;
- An overview of the past year's competitions;
- Discussing the ACA structure going forward including new roles and opportunities;
- Exploring new topics like code of ethics and development opportunities;
- Discussing the ACA's way forward!

Everyone welcome!

2018 Youth Boulder Provincials


Running Orders

A Boys Qualifiers
A Girls Qualifiers

B Boys Qualifiers
B Girls Qualifiers

C Boys Qualifiers
C Girls Qualifiers

D Boys Qualifiers
D Girls Qualifiers

Junior Boys Qualifiers
Junior  Girls Qualifiers


Qualifiers, Saturday, January 27, 2018

7:00 am   Youth C/D ISO Opens
7:30 am   Youth C/D ISO Closes
7:45 am   Youth C/D Technical Meeting

8:00 am   Climbing Begins

12:00 pm  Youth B/A/Jr ISO Opens
12:30 pm  Youth B/A/Jr ISO Closes

12:45 pm   Youth B/A/JR Technical Meeting
1:15 pm  Climbing Begins

Finals, Sunday, January 28, 2018

8:00 am   Youth C/D ISO Opens
8:30 am   Youth C/D ISO Closes

8:45 am   Youth C/D Technical Meeting
9:00 am   Climbing Begins

10:30 am Youth B/A/Jr ISO Opens
11:15 am Youth B/A/Jr ISO Closes

11:30 am Youth B/A/JR Technical Meeting
11:45 am Climbing Begins

2:30 pm Awards- All categories

2017 Annual General Meeting

The Alberta Climbing Association will be holding the annual AGM in the Lincolnshire Room at the Carriage House Inn in Calgary.

All those interested in learning about the ACA are welcome attend.

Volunteer opportunities will also be presented. Volunteering is a great way to shape climbing in AB and SK (and Cranbrook!) and contribute to the climbing community.

Meeting Date: November 25, 2017
Time: Starts at 2:30 pm

We look forward to seeing you there!

Update from the Summit 2017

Alberta Climbing Folks!

While it has been a little while since we held our first ever ACA Summit, I wanted to communicate a hearty thanks to all those that participated, a big thanks to the CCC for hosting, a thanks to the facilitators, and also I wanted to follow up with some promised communications recapping what was discussed.

First off, I am very grateful to the 40 or so people that came out, participated willingly, openly and with an incredibly positive attitude!  It is still such a gracious sport!  Many elements were discussed over the three and a half hours (many!), including comp formats, comp schedules, coaching, athlete development models, funding, casinos, team uniforms, belaying, routesetting and much much more.  We have included the notes from both of the sessions with details for all those that are interested.  While it is important to take notes, it is more important for us to act and to change as a result.  Already actions are being taken.  Thanks to Gary Kapitza for organizing the team uniforms for Nationals!!  

Terry Blumes has done a lot of work on our Casino application which is still in progress.  The 3 year draft comp schedule has been drafted with the gyms with new formats, inclusion of speed, some new locations (yaay Cranbrook!) and a lot of careful thought.  Plans to support the September coaching clinic are underway and this is just the beginning!  Work will begin in August to strike some new committees and planning is well underway for the work of the ACA for the upcoming year.

To continue on in this action oriented approach, we would like to spend some time following up on these actions at the AGM  The AGM will be held on November 25th in Calgary after the comp - location tbd - all are welcome!  We will have the AGM and then structure some Summit follow-on discussions that we will format closer to the date.

If you are interested in reading the detailed notes from the Summit, they can be found here: 2017 ACA Summit Notes
Hope you all have a blessed summer!

George Irwin,