2019/20 Competition Schedule and Registration Updates

2018/19 was an amazing year for competitive climbing for ACA members. ACA membership grew significantly, especially in the Youth B and C categories.  As we look towards a new season of climbing we have made some changes based on what we learned and through the feedback we received at parent and gym owner forums that we held.


2019/20 ACA Competition Schedule

One change related to the competition schedule will be the separation of the Youth A, Junior and Open categories from the Youth B, C and D categories at ACA bouldering competitions in 2019/20. This will create more capacity for each set of categories and will allow for better movement of climbers in gyms (both on and off the walls during competition)   All competitions and training camps are now posted on the ACA Schedule page on the ACA website.


2019/20 Climbing Escalade Canada (CEC) Schedule

Also in 2019/20, climbers who advance from Provincials in each of the disciplines (Boulder, lead and speed) will be eligible to compete at Regionals based on qualification quotas determined by  Climbing Escalade Canada (CEC). For more information regarding Regionals and Nationals visit the CEC website.   Dates for Regionals and Nationals have been set and are noted on the ACA Schedule page Locations TBD.


Upgraded and Improved ACA Registration System

In collaboration with the Ontario Climbing Federation, the ACA has updated the registration system for members (Athletes and Coaches). The new system addresses some of the limitations of the previous system (ability to track waiver completion; registering multiple climbers under one email address). For 2019/20, anyone participating in an ACA sanctioned event will need to complete a new user profile; complete an ACA waiver and pay the associated annual  membership fee.  We will be launching the new registration system on August 23rd. Watch our social medial channels (Instagram, Facebook and ACA website)  for more information closer that date.