Call for Video Review Set Up Volunteers


Welcome to the 2019/2020 competitive climbing season! 

Over the summer the ACA board has been taking what we've learned from last year and looking into how we can make things even better this competitive year.  One of those items is determining if we can incorporate video replay into all ACA sanctioned competitions vs just the Provincial Championships as we did last year.  The biggest hurdle we face in making this a reality is volunteer hours.

In the past, the judging volunteers have taken on the responsible for setting up and tearing down the video.  Some of these volunteers then go on to spend up to 12 to 15 hours at the gym during the competition the next day.  It becomes a pretty large load for volunteers that begin to wear multiple hats.  In order to make the video replay work smoothly and consistently for all sanctioned competitions, we would like to set up a dedicated volunteer group that would handle the set up and tear down of the video equipment.  Ideally, we would want to set up two teams.  One for the North and one for the South that consist of the following:

- Video Volunteer Coordinator (North and South combined) - coordination of video set up volunteers and assist in the responsibilities below when available - will coordinate with the ACA Technical Chair

- Set Up Team Lead - responsible for planning camera layout and cable routing at the gym and set up of cameras and cable (will require coordination with the head route setter)

- Assistant Set Up Team Lead - assist the Set Up Team Lead in planning layouts and coordinating workers and set up of cameras and cable

- Worker #1 - set up cameras and run cables

- Worker #2 - set up cameras and run cables

- Worker #3 to . . . (as available) - set up cameras and run cables

An optional volunteer spot would be to operate the video replay during the competition itself. 

Time commitment would be approximately 3 to 4 hours the night before a competition and 1 to 2 hours at the end of a competition depending on the number of volunteers available.  The ideal minimum is 4 volunteers, but more makes things go quicker.

It is the intent not assign the above positions to specific people for the whole year.  It's best if we can have multiple people learn each position because it's normal for the availability of volunteers to vary from competition to competition

This is the first year we are attempting this dedicated volunteer group.  If you are interested in volunteering please rest assured, you will be trained by volunteers that are experienced with the set up of video replay equipment.  The ACA will make sure training for these spots will be comprehensive, streamlined and most of all, fun.  We can't get this group up and running without you!

I've stated on multiple occasions, and will continue to state, I believe Alberta has the best, most enthusiastic volunteer pool in the country.  Let's keep that going, both this competitive year and into the future!

Interested volunteers should contact the ACA Technical Chair, Mark Kozak at


Mark Kozak

ACA Technical Chair