Registering multiple climbers

Waiver (Step 1): You will need to complete and submit a separate waiver form for each athlete.

Fees and Registration (Step 2): You can't register for more than one climber with the same email address, but you can use a technique using aliases that should help. If your email provider allows you to have multiple aliases point to the same inbox, you're set! Here's how to do it with Gmail: Use your existing Gmail or signup (

When you register for the membership, you can use aliases to signup each climber. For example, if your email is and your climber's name are Jane and John, you can add aliases by adding a plus sign (+) to the username:

This technique will allow all emails to come in to the same inbox. You can even forward your Gmail to another account, if you'd prefer. Go to the Settings in your Gmail account, click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and add a forwarding address.